NordForm seminar 24 April, 2024

Welcome to NordForum seminar themed “Cross border / cross sector higher education credentials”! The event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden April 24, 2024.

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The seminar is intended for decision makers within services for education interested in credentials exchange, especially Vice Rectors, Heads of IRO, managers of student administration, CIOs and also CTOs.


Westmanska Palatset, Wallingatan 2, Central Stockholm. Located a 15-minute walk from the Central Station.


The full program will be published by the end of January 2024. Here are some of the main program points:

Main topics

  • “Cross border / cross sector higher education credentials”
  • Micro credentials/digital credentials/student mobility/transport of student data/Learner dashboards/ Recognition of prior learning
  • International outlook; projects, EU initiatives, regulation
  • AI and how it influences us (possibly extra workshop 15-17 on 24/4). Speaker: Peter Parnes, prof?
  • Create “market place” (physical) of each countries solutions in different areas.
  • “Student journey” – actual student explains the ordeals with studies and exchanges (SFS?)

Legislative and governance issues

  • SUHF workgroup on study administration Tor
  • EUI, speaker from SUHF (Gerolf?) Tor
  • Micro credentials definition workgroup in Finland, someone from Ministry Hanna-Mari
  • Someone from DG EAC to talk about EU-policy on digitalisation of HE Per
  • DS4Skills – presenter, Hanna-Mari

Concept solutions

  • EUDI wallet, ongoing projects (inkl importance of tech standards) Geir
  • SDG and Emrex Tor
  • Cross-border studies project (Riikka) Hanna-Mari


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